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This page has been split into two sections, the top section are the current Acquapuro mixers plus the Genoa which we still carry spares for. The lower section contains the pre April 2017 Acquapuro mixers which we no longer carry spares for, but parts can be obtained via Osmio Water Technology - link on the spares home page and below.

With regards models from April 2017; once you have identified which mixer you have from the images below please send an email to with an image of your actual tap, we can then respond and help with whatever parts are required. This range has a five year warranty for workmanship and moving parts and a one year warranty for the chrome or brushed finish.


With regards the Pre April 2017 section, none of these mixers are in warranty anymore however, to see an exploded diagram of each mixer simply click on the image below.


Models From April 2017
Models Pre April 2017
Please contact Osmio Water Technology for parts for these mixers
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