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All Coriandoli mixer taps have a three warranty for workmanship and parts, with a one year warranty for the chrome or brushed finish.


Our Acquapuro range of mixers have a five year warranty for workmanship and parts. This five year warranty was introduced in April 2017 when we changed our manufacturing process and started using higher quality components. Mixers sold prior to April 2017 have a three year warranty so are therefore outside of the warranty period meaning parts will need to be purchased.


In rare instances when a component such as a handle may become loose, or a drip may occur, our policy is to always send parts free of charge, rather than simply swapping the mixer for a replacement. Refunds or replacement mixers will only be offered if the parts we supply do not fix the problem.

Any costs that may be incurred by the customer (end user) must be pre-approved by Coriandoli Ltd before work is undertaken and all relevant paperwork/invoices must be sent to Coriandoli Ltd before any refunds/credits will be considered. 


Any returned mixer taps must be complete and packaged in such a way that they will not become damaged during transit. If you would like any more information, please contact us using the contact form or call 01342 893429.

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