Coriandoli source and supply some kitchen mixer taps for Smeg UK and have been doing so for over 20 years. This supply contract means Coriandoli can obtain genuine consumable parts for some of the mixers. The range below includes every tap Smeg have sold in the UK since the year 2000 until June 2020. Inevitably some mixers are now discontinued, however, please consider that we may still have parts for discontinued mixer taps, simply use the contact form to get in touch and find out whether the part you require is still available.

We do not stock parts for every current Smeg UK mixer tap, if the mixer you need parts for has the note 'no parts' then you will need to contact Smeg UK directly. Coriandoli only have replacement parts, we do not stock entire mixer taps. If you believe your entire mixer needs replacing,  please contact Smeg UK directly.


Once you know which model you have and the parts you require, please call 01342 893429 to place an order.