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Vizio Cucina is a trademark of the Aqvazone group with over 40 years of experience in the bathroom sector. Now the focus is for a true Italian passion; the kitchen. Italy is known all over the world for some of the best chefs and cuisine, VIZIO share their enthusiasm for good food and the tools used for preparing dishes.

Here you will find a wide variety of kitchen mixers not only beautifully designed, but executed with care and elegance, not withstanding a revolutionary Solid Fix fixing system which makes the entire range simple to install.

There are 3 styles, LF - Leaf design, SM - circular body and QU - square body. They all feature a single lever for hot and cold water plus a double O-ring and a double nylon guide ring where the spout meets the body, this eliminates spout wobble and gives leak free use for many years.

Click the Vizio logo to view the entire product range on the original Italian website.

LF Range

LF Range

SM Range

SM Range

QU Range

QU Range

Solid Fix Fixing System

Conventional fixing kits can be a bit tricky to tighten, especially when replacing an existing mixer tap with a sink already in place.

The Solid Fix System is not like a conventional fixing kit - the brass nut simply spins up the stainless steel shaft until it is hand tight. All that is required now is a long screwdriver to tighten the two locking screws clamping everything in place.

As well as this installation advantage, the Solid Fix System grips against the entire circumference of the base of the mixer tap, which secures it in place far better than a conventional fixing kit.

Double O-ring & Nylon Guide Ring

After a period of time many mixer taps suffer from spout wobble. The Vizio range of mixers all use a Double Nylon Guide Ring which practically eliminates spout wobble, giving Vizio customers hassle free operation.

The other advantage of the Double Nylon Guide Ring is they reduce wear on the all important water sealing O-rings. Forward and backward movement is dramatically reduced resulting in the O-rings lasting longer.

All Vizio spouts also use double O-rings as they provide a better seal than a single one. When used inconjunction with the Double Nylon Guide Ring, the spout should never leak remaining water tight way beyond the guarantee. 

Burn Prevention Cartridge

This cleverly designed cartridge has an adjustable temperature control collar which forces cold water to mix with the hot, thus reducing the temperature even when the mixer lever is pushed completely to the hot water position.


The collar is simply lifted off the top of the cartridge, then refitted (according to user requirements) with the limiting nibs preventing the lever from turning all the way to hot water.

Perfect for use in the kitchen with small children or anybody who may have a disability. 

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