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Welcome to Acquapuro, the UK's largest range of three way filter mixers. The Acquapuro range of products combine operation, design and finish giving customers more choice than any other manufacturer. All of our products have three separate connections meaning they can be used with either a water filter or water softener. We genuinely believe there is a mixer tap in our range for every type of kitchen.


All of the below products, use the same body which is available with both a two or three lever configuration. Most products will operate satisfactory at a pressure of 0.5bar - for more information on this and to see the products with all their options, please click on the images below.


All of our mixers can be supplied with or without a drinking water filter. We are proud to be able to offer our own high performance, cost effective carbon and scale control filter, the Acquapuro ACQ-IFC+. For more information please click the filter button below:

Verona 3 Lever chrome.jpg
Sorrento 3 Chrome.jpg
Aquila 3 Chrome.jpg
Verona SQ Chrome Straight.jpg
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