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Acquapuro ACQ-IFC+ Filter

 If you require a filter for your new Acquapuro three way mixer tap, look no further than our ACQ-IFC+ carbon and scale filter.


The ACQ-IFC+ uses the highest quality 1 micron carbon block with added polyphosphate crystals for scale prevention. This guarantees customers will have great tasting drinking water at a very reasonable price.


Simple 1/4" push fit pipework attachments allow for a quick, dry filter change with no specialist tools.



1.0 micron carbon block removes Class 1 particulates, chlorine, cysts, pesticides, insecticides, detergents and other toxins.


Polyphosphate crystals prevent limescale formation, giving clear drinking water.



High strength plastic housing which can withstand pressure over 120 psi/ 8bar


Life Span:

Recommended 6 months.



FDA compliant materials to NSF standards

Acquapuro Filter Hero.jpg
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