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Drinking Water

There are many different filter types and specifications available to use with our filter mixers however, after numerous tests and specification reviews we decided we needed something a little different, something which gives customers great tasting drinking water using the very latest technology. We chose the ECO 3.


This filter is revolutionary and everything you need, it is specifically designed with the environment in mind as once the filter has expired only the inner cartridge needs replacing; the filter housing is used time and time again. This means less material is being sent to waste, which in turn results in lower replacement cartridge costs.






















Simple twist and unlock system with auto shut off valve for quick dry cartridge change. Special pivot rotary plate enables installation in awkward positions.


The ECO 3 is the only hygienic recyclable filter in the market today. The cartridge is sealed in a patented high tech 4 layer FDA grade protective sleeve, meaning there can be no contact with the filter media, ensuring no contamination on replacement.


0.5 NSF carbon block removes Class 1 particulates, chlorine, cysts, pesticides, insecticides, detergents Cryptosporidium, Giardia and other toxins.


Polyphosphate crystals prevent limescale formation giving clear drinking water.


When the filter is ready for replacing, remove the carbon insides, which are biodegradeable, everything else can be recycled!



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